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Grackle Publishing is open for submissions

Code name: Elephant

Three Gifts For Abigail

A children’s book by Allison Romero, illustrated by Gloria Elliott.

Code name: Giraffe

Paperback Comedian

A mystery wrapped in comedy, sci-fi, and romance.

Code name: Butterfly / Squirrel

A Princess Problem with Envy

Book One in the Daughters of the King series

Code name: Anteater

The Anti-Cooking Bible

50 Ways To Get Out Of Cooking

Code name: Flamingo


Four Generations of Art

Code name: Peacock


A children’s book by Sandra Cramer, illustrated by Jocelyn Cramer

Code name: Zebra


A coming-of-age novel by E. C. Flickinger

Code name: Owl Too


A children’s book by Sharon M. Devaney, illustrated by E. C. Flickinger

Code name: Owl


A children’s book by Sharon M. Devaney


We are a little fish in the publishing pond–actually, a grackle is a bird, not a fish. Anyway, we have a dream to help new authors and poets find their fins, er, wings.

Our zoo of books includes:

A coming-of-age novel by E. C. Flickinger. Some people think it’s full of humor, but it also has many other stripes: teenage angst, social commentary, original poetry and even a picture or two–guess you could call it a zebra.

A children’s book, The Very First Day Ever, by Sharon M. Devaney. Sharon’s book (aka “The Owl”)  is unique in that it contains both a short story and poetry: a wise book for children to revisit again and again as they grow.

A children’s book, When Bad Things Happen, written by Sharon M. Devaney and illustrated by E. C. Flickinger. Sharon’s second book, intended for older children, ages 8-12, urges us to be the light that shines through the darkness that surrounds us today.

A children’s book, Peacock in the Pine Tree, written by Sandra Cramer and illustrated by Jocelyn Cramer. The Cramer creation, “Peacock,” celebrates all the wonders waiting for us in our own backyards.

A four generation art book, Two Dads, Two Daughters, shares the Flickinger / Wimberley family’s love for art. The compilation, code name “Flamingo,” includes the works of Paul H. Flickinger, Jr., E. C. Flickinger, Sarah F. Wimberley, and Olivia M. Wimberley.

A humorous gift book, The Anti-Cooking Bible: 50 Ways To Get Out Of Cooking, written and illustrated by Maureen Ann Clarke. Maureen’s book, code name Anteater, shares a creative menu of appetizers, house specials, and à la carte items sure to entice those who strive to avoid cooking at all costs.

A children’s book, A Princess Problem with Envy, written by Renee Joiner and illustrated by Connie Eimer. Their wonderful “Butterfly/Squirrel” collaboration brings us Book One in the Daughters of the King series.

A novella trilogy, Paperback Comedian, written by E. C. Flickinger. A mystery wrapped in comedy, sci-fi, and romance. “Giraffe” is the first title delivered under our new Hilltop imprint.

A children’s book, Three Gifts For Abigail, written by Allison Romero and illustrated by Gloria Elliott. “Elephant” shares a memorable Easter story.

So that’s our story: fish, bird, zebra, owl, peacock, flamingo, anteater, butterfly, squirrel, giraffe, and elephant.

We’d love to grow fast and help many more potential authors, so give us a shout; we’re listening.




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