Peacock in the Pine Tree

A children's book by

Sandra Cramer,

illustrated by

Jocelyn Cramer

(Code name: Peacock)

The Very First Day Ever

A children's book by

Sharon M. Devaney

(Code name: Owl)

Adam's Journal

A coming-of-age novel by

E. C. Flickinger

(Code name: Zebra)

Should We All Wear Hats?

A poetry book by

E. C. Flickinger

(Code name: Firefly)

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Grackle Publishing

We are a little fish in the publishing pond--actually, a grackle is a bird, not a fish. Anyway, we have a dream to help new authors and poets find their fins, er, wings.

We like many genres and our first publication is a coming-of-age novel by E. C. Flickinger. Some people think it's full of humor, but it also has many other stripes: teenage angst, social commentary, original poetry and even a picture or two--guess you could call it a zebra.

Our second publication is a children's book, The Very First Day Ever, by Sharon M. Devaney. Sharon's book (aka "The Owl")  is unique in that it contains both a short story and poetry: a wise book for children to revisit again and again as they grow.

Our third publication is a poetry book, Should We All Wear Hats?, by E. C. Flickinger. We call it "Firefly" because fireflies are cool ... and poetry is cool. Sometimes it's the small things in life that mean the most.

Our fourth publication is a children's book, Peacock in the Pine Tree, written by Sandra Cramer and illustrated by Jocelyn Cramer. The Cramer creation, "Peacock," celebrates all the wonders waiting for us in our own backyards.

So that's our story: fish, bird, zebra, owl, firefly, and peacock.

We'd love to grow fast and help many more potential authors, so please buy our zebra or owl or firefly or peacock!

Give us a shout; we're listening.