Allison Romero

Coming in Early 2021!

“For Easter I got my daughter three gifts. I wanted a book to explain the purpose behind each gift and depict a multiracial family so that my daughter could read a book with a family that looked like hers. When I couldn’t find that book, I decided to write it myself.”  
-Allison Romero


Allison is a K-8 teacher with a passion for special education. One of her greatest joys is helping every child recognize their own abilities.

Though currently working on her second masters degree, with a focus on middle school social studies, her primary focus continues to be her three daughters: Abigail, Anna, and Charlotte.

Inspiration for her writing comes from her faith, her family, and her own life experiences. Allison hopes that her writing will not only allow multiracial children to see themselves in books, but will also open up conversations about multiracial families.

A Colorado native, Allison enjoys hiking, reading, baking, and traveling.