Renee Joiner and Connie Eimer

Sweet Story and Beautiful Illustrations

“Through her book, Renee teaches what true honor and humility look like. The sweet story and beautiful illustrations kept my 8-year-old daughter captivated as we read! Teaching children how to live out the Word through story is fun and effective! My daughter and I are both looking forward to the next in the series!”

—Jenny Johnson, Author of Believers Arise

In Renee Joiner’s second children’s story, A Princess Problem with Pride, Grace works feverishly to win a charity contest. As a conflict arises over who collected the most money, the book transitions to a parallel princess story to teach a valuable lesson. When we return to real life, Grace remembers the lesson and solves the real world problem. Illustrated by Connie Eimer.

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Renee Helps Kids Understand

“Pride is one of the most common sins among Christians. It can be quite a struggle to overcome. But how does a child deal with this common problem? With colorful illustrations, Renee helps kids understand that only by losing our pride do we truly win by becoming more like Christ––the best prize of all.”

—Michelle S. Lazurek, Multi-genre award winning author, literary agent and certified writing coach

Delightful Children’s Book

“I found A PRINCESS PROBLEM WITH PRIDE by Renee Joiner to be a delightful children’s book.  It is a great story which encourages good character.  It is well written in a way that is understandable for children, and even adults, with a good flow.”

 —Carol Stine, Adjunct professor of English Grammar and Research and Writing classes


“Renee Joiner lives and writes her faith. Her book, ‘A Princess Problem with Envy,’ offers an insightful way to teach children about the love of Jesus. She is gifted in telling her story and making it relatable for children and their parents to share. I am confident many families will enjoy Renee’s ‘Daughters of The King’ series.”

––Doug Hargrave, Lead Minister, First Christian Church, Belleville, Illinois

Renee Joiner’s debut children’s story, A Princess Problem with Envy, follows real life sisters, Grace and Faith, as they celebrate their baby sister’s birthday. As a conflict arises over a coveted gift, the book transitions to a parallel princess story to teach a valuable lesson. When we return to the birthday party, Faith remembers the lesson and solves the real world problem. Illustrated by Connie Eimer.

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“I am a Christian, wife, and mom to six children. Everywhere I go, people tell me that I have my hands full. I always respond, ‘Yep, full of blessings!’ I want to share those blessings with you.”

Pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom, online ESL teacher, Seminary student, and children’s book author. In her free-time, Renee enjoys reading, crocheting, hiking, and camping.

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Connie Eimer is an artist/illustrator living in Missouri. Originally from Colorado, she works as a graphic designer for promotional companies and an illustrator for authors around the United States. She is kept busy as a stay at home mother of three. She delights in teaching her children about art while making new connections with people through every art project that comes her way.


“‘A Princess Problem with Envy’ is a very practical book to use with children because it uses an imaginative narrative to convey biblical truth. Using children in both a nuclear family and in an allegorical royal family appeals to two mediums of a children interest: real experience and their imagination.

For the Christian, the nuclear family is the primary location of discipleship. The purpose of this book is to help accomplish just that by portraying real-life examples of teaching moments where the truth of scripture can be applied in a very practical way. Parents will find themselves set up to address and recall the lessons in this story for their children’s edification.

‘A Princess Problem with Envy’ will be an invaluable resource to parents as a discipleship tool. This book will help reveal biblical truth, facilitate discussion, and apply good moral virtues that will be key in the early development of their children.”

––Nik Weber, Campus Director at Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee