Craig Newberger

Wonderful Array of Natural History Experiences

In Summer Light, Craig Newberger shares a wonderful array of natural history experiences from the intricate courtship behaviors of fireflies to the strange world of giant, 18-inch crayfish-eating salamanders, to the awesome feeding behavior of massive humpback whales off Cape Cod. In each case, Craig’s curiosity and enthusiasm draws us in as he delves deeper to give the reader a better understanding of the natural history of each plant or animal. Whether examining the familiar or exotic, Craig shares both the excitement of discovery and the pleasure of new understanding, which increases our appreciation for each component of the natural world.

–Ted Gilman, Retired Naturalist/Education Specialist, National Audubon Society

Cherished For Generations To Come

I found Summer Light to be a treasure of gems, moving descriptions, and gorgeous, descriptive language evocative of the sounds and sights in nature. Craig Newberger weaves his personal encounters with detailed scientific observations and references to literature, myths, and music. Every chapter is made intimately relatable to the reader in ways that make this book one to be cherished for generations to come.

–Mercedes Villamil, Educator, co-translator for “A Guide to the Birds of Panama” (Spanish Edition)

Terrific Guide to the Wonders of Spring

Craig Newberger, whom I know as an unparalleled nature educator, is also a terrific guide to the wonders of spring in the Northeast and Midwest. Spring Processional is a lovely introduction to the best elements of the season, from the splash of the first wildflowers to crotchety snapping turtles looking for a place to lay eggs. Craig makes a wonderful companion as you wander through this exciting time of year.

–Scott Weidensaul, author of “A World on the Wing”

Encourages Explorations and Discoveries

Through this series of essays, Craig Newberger encourages exploration and discoveries by naturalists young and old. His enthusiasm is infectious when he takes us along on his personal adventures on rainy nights sharing his excitement about amphibians or witnessing woodcock courtship in the spring twilight. Along the way, he provides new facts about our natural neighbors, describes the patient observation practices which have resulted in many of his best discoveries and reminds us of the important role which we all can play in the conservation of the natural habitats and wild inhabitants which he introduces to us. 

Ted Gilman, Retired, Naturalist/Education Specialist, National Audubon Society

Craig Newberger

Author Craig Newberger served as the Lower School science coordinator at Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania for over three decades. Combining hands-on investigations with outdoor explorations, Craig nurtured a passion for science and nature in thousands of inquisitive minds. He led a variety of natural science trips for his students and their families, ranging from Costa Rica to Cape Cod. Craig’s belief in immersing students in firsthand experiences inspired him to dedicate decades of summers in Maine where he and his wife, Trudy, directed the National Audubon Society Youth Ecology Camp on Hog Island, founded and directed the Family Camp, and joined the instructional team for Audubon’s camp for educators. Craig has also worked as a naturalist at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and directed an environmental education program connected with the Cape Cod National Seashore. Craig plays guitar and hammered dulcimer and he is known for his sing-a-longs at assemblies and campfires.