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Grackle is open for new submissions for all genres. We are especially interested in helping new authors publish their first novel, children’s book, or poems. We are also looking for artists who are wanting to tell their “Artist at Work” story.

So please contact us at and tell us about yourself and your goals. We’ll tell you the next steps to get started. If you’re ready to submit your manuscript, please send your manuscript to the address below. Note: you must include a completed submission release form for your manuscript to be considered. You can print the submission release form using the button below.

Ready to submit your manuscript?

If you are ready to submit your manuscript, please print the Submission Release Form below and send the completed form and your submission to:

Grackle Publishing

138 Tennis Ave

Ambler, PA 19002

Please do not send unencrypted works via email. Protect your work.

Any questions? If so, email us at